Audacious cuisine

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Damien Fagette

Michelin-starred chef

Damien Fagette came and did his apprenticeship in 2001 with Marie Rougier Salvat. He is now the Chef .He presents a creative and contemporary cuisine.

“The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.”
– Brillat Savarin


Generous, gourmet and creative cuisine.

His overflowing imagination allows him to create every week new menus and of course, fresh and local products are essential to him.

Damien Fagette pushes others as hard as he pushes himself. Working with fresh products is important to him.

Demanding with others and with himself, Damien Fagette pays particular attention to seasonning and sauces. His plates are real paintings, pure and graphic.

In harmony with the seasons

Damien Fagette likes to stroll on the perigourdin’s markets, to smell, to taste and to touch products.

He often finds his inspiration during these walks and with the discussions with the local producers.