Chef’s carte

Delightful , creative and audacious cuisine

  • Discovery Menu



    7 dishes to discover our Chef Damien Fagette cooking
    Last service for this menu is at 12H45  and  20H30
    Served for all the Guests

    Starter, main course, dessert

    Veal Tartare, Royal Foie Gras, Ham and Turret
    Skrei Cooked Slowly served with smoked Green Asparagus, Coconut Milk and Lime drizzle.
    A choice of either :
    Cheese Trolley from Mr Blanchard
    or Caramelized Apple, French Toast Brioche, Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce
    or Hot Soufflé with Grand Marnier (supplement of €6)
  • Menu GOURMET

    Starter, main course, cheese, dessert

    Oyster Special N°2 Barely Seized, Creamy Asparagus Pistachios, and Sausages.
     Crispy Cameron, Spicy Rock Fish and Rust Soup, Vegetables
    Golden Sweetbreads with Sautoir, Stuffed Morels, Salsify with Juice and Parsley Pulp
    Fromagerie Blanchard Cheese Trolley
    Choose from :
    Hot Soufflé with Grand Marnier
    Grand Cru Chocolate and Perigord Nut Cylinder, Sarlat Nut Ice Cream
    Exotic in Puffed Sugar, Fresh Fruits, Slightly Alcoholic Sorbet and Coconut Mousse
  • Kids Menu


    Delicious assortments for kids
    Meat or Fish served with vegetables, and Two Scoops of homemade icecream